I would laugh, but

Just over a year ago, one of the most successful Presidents in American history was denied a well-deserved second term and a bumbling fool of a politician was installed as President. The Biden clown show would be funny, except for the real possibility the election was stolen and Biden’s incompetence
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The term limits that are really needed

It is de rigueur for conservatives to complain about term limits or specifically, the lack there of. The President is subject to term limits. Most governors are and even a few legislators are.  Senators and Congressmen are not. You don’t have to go far on social media to see calls
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Do you have a plan B?

Glenn Reynolds wrote this on the Instapundit site: “IT’S BEEN MADE CLEAR REPEATEDLY THAT THE LEFT WANTS TWO THINGS: CONTROL OF HEALTH CARE, AND THE ABILITY TO DENY HEALTH CARE TO PEOPLE THE LEFT DOESN’T LIKE.”   This is true. And with each “crisis,” the left becomes more extreme. We
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