I would laugh, but

I would laugh, but

Just over a year ago, one of the most successful Presidents in American history was denied a well-deserved second term and a bumbling fool of a politician was installed as President.

The Biden clown show would be funny, except for the real possibility the election was stolen and Biden’s incompetence that might get us into a shooting war with Russia.

Biden was the man the Democrat establishment wanted.  Surely those people had to know what kind of pitiful condition Biden is in.  Biden has suffered at least one aneurysm and who knows, there may have been more.  He almost certainly is suffering from dementia.

The plan was almost certainly to get Biden in office, let him limp through one term and by then, the Democrat Party elders would have found someone else they could anoint to take the helm.

In any sane world, that would have been his Vice President.  Perhaps someone on Team Biden had a rare moment of lucidity when they chose Kamala Harris to be Vice President.  She certainly checked all the diversity boxes.  And perhaps someone close to Biden realized something else.

She would be his ultimate insurance policy.

If the Democrats had anyone even remotely competent in the Vice Presidency, the 25th Amendment would already be under discussion.  But the only politician in this country who is more unpopular that Joe Biden is Kamala Harris.

It would be fun to laugh at the Democrats if they were not causing such damage to this country and endangering everyone with their incompetence.

Biden’s health is such that most people do not see him completing or possibly even surviving this term.  His insanity, along with the radicalism of his party, is already setting the stage for a red wave this fall, taking back the House of Representatives and quite possibly the Senate.

We must survive another three years of Biden and possibly Harris.  And then we must have a free and fair election, which is not guaranteed.  Only then, when they are gone, could we safely laugh at their incompetence.


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