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The Democrats’ Recession Is Yet Again Proving Price Caps Are

We are inexorably headed into a government-imposed recession. Government-created inflation has created record prices all
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Interest Rate Hikes: Gov Making Loans MUCH Harder to Get

Everyone knew the government printing and spending trillions of extra dollars was an exceedingly terrible
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Immigration, Awful Trade Deals, Spending and Inflation: DC Keeps Making

Leftists love talking about the “Wealth Gap.”  Although, as good at mass-messaging talking points as
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DC Destroys the Economy – Then Bans Loans for Poor

As we know, we are just barely into Year Two of the exceedingly awful Joe
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Lockdowns: Big Banks’ Further Market Consolidation – Further Aided by

We’ve long been chronicling the US’s devolution into Big Government-Big Business fascism. Revolving Door: Big
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