The Net Has WAY Outgrown Net Neutrality

A lot of Big Government overreach – is trying to cram giant sectors of the
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Speaker McCarthy Makes His Swamp-iest Move Thus Far

We actual Conservatives were quite concerned about a prospective Kevin McCarthy Speakership.  Because he isn’t,
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Left’s Information Dominance. And a DC Question No One Asks

We are these days inundated with idiocy.  Often accidentally – because most of the inundate-ers
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CA GOP’s China Sell-Out: McCarthy Must Clean Up His and

After needing a confidence-inspiring fifteen votes to become House Speaker, California Republican Representative Kevin McCarthy
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Dem Impersonation: Fifteen Speaker Votes? DC: Where Bad Ideas Never,

In the late Republican politician Bob Dole’s failed 1996 presidential campaign, the candidate had at
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Inventing and Innovating Aren’t So Easy, Eh Apple?

Behold a hilarious example of Big Business’ greed and hubris – not translating into actual
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