Trump Trade


Much Easier to Maintain a Domestic Industry – Than to

Behold a tale of two vital industries.  Each manufactures something crucial to our continued existence.
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We’re Comparatively the Planet’s Cleanest Country – Why the Bipartisan

The anti-United States World loves to compile its “World’s Cleanest Countries” lists – on which
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Border Carbon Tax: DC Can Do Better – When It

One of the very many problems with DC is it almost always remans steadfastly unconcerned
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The Anti-Science Absurdity of the US’s Unilateral Carbon Dioxide Disarmament

Humans are suffering from many mass psychoses.  For the purposes of this exercise – we’ll
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Let’s Not Shoot at Russians – Let’s Tariff Their Petroleum

We have literally zero national interest in the border skirmish between Russia and Ukraine. As
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Those Who Don’t Know History Are Doomed to Look Exceedingly

I get why The Elite peddle Socialism-Communism-Collectivism.  They know it’s a terrible system that has
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